Living in Pomona, CA

Living in Pomona, CA

Nestled within the embrace of sunny California, Pomona strikes a chord of balance, intertwining its rich heritage with modern allure. With art districts pulsating with life, historical sites offering glimpses into the past, and educational institutions shaping the future, living in Pomona, CA, is an experience that appeals to both history buffs and the forward-thinking youth.

What To Know About Living in Pomona, CA

Living in Pomona offers a blend of experiences. From its educational forte to a thriving arts scene, Pomona is where old-world charm meets contemporary flair, providing residents with an enviable lifestyle.

A City Steeped in History

Pomona's streets resonate with tales of yesteryears. Established in the 1800s, it has witnessed significant events that shaped the region. Its downtown area is adorned with buildings reflecting diverse architectural eras, like silent storytellers of the city's journey. But it's not just about historical reverence. Pomona, while cherishing its past, has always remained agile, adapting to modern times and emerging as a contemporary beacon in California.

Education at Its Best

Cal Poly Pomona is a name that resonates beyond the city's boundaries, embodying academic rigor and excellence. But the city's educational prowess isn't confined to tertiary education. Pomona boasts a plethora of schools, institutions, and specialized programs, emphasizing the significance of holistic education. In this city, every learner, irrespective of age or field, finds avenues to quench their thirst for knowledge.

The Arts Take Center Stage

Pomona's heartbeat is its arts. You sense it in the murals that splash color across the city, hear it in the notes of street performers, and witness it in the bustling Arts Colony. A hub for artists, it fosters creativity, nurturing talents and offering platforms to showcase them. With monthly art events, galleries, and theaters, there's never a dull moment for those with an artistic inclination.

Pros and Cons to Living in Pomona, CA

While every city has its shine and shadow, Pomona offers a blend of experiences. Below are some advantages and challenges to consider.

Pros To Living in Pomona, CA


Pomona, in contrast to some of its Californian counterparts, offers a breath of financial relief. Whether you're looking to rent an apartment or dine out, the city caters to a variety of budgets. With a cost of living that leans towards the affordable, it's a boon for young professionals and families alike.

Moreover, Pomona's real estate market doesn't leave you gasping for breath. While property values have appreciated, they remain approachable, making homeownership an attainable dream for many. This affordability extends beyond just housing, encompassing various aspects of daily life.

Cultural Vibrancy

At every corner in Pomona, culture speaks. The city nestled in Los Angeles, with its diverse demographics, is a melting pot of traditions, arts, and festivals. The streets often resonate with the beats of various celebrations, reflecting the city's multicultural ethos.

Not just limited to festivities, Pomona's commitment to arts is evident in its plethora of galleries, theaters, and studios. The monthly art walks are a testament to this, turning the city into a vibrant canvas that showcases local talent.

This cultural richness isn't just for show. It plays an integral role in fostering community ties, building bridges between various communities, and ensuring that the city's legacy continues for future generations.

Educational Powerhouse

When one thinks of Pomona, education stands out. The city prides itself on its educational institutions, most notably Cal Poly Pomona, which has garnered respect both nationally and internationally.

But it's not just about higher education. From elementary to high school, the city's educational infrastructure is commendable. With an emphasis on holistic learning, schools in Pomona focus on nurturing not just academic talents but also other skills.

The city's commitment to education extends beyond formal structures. Libraries, workshops, and seminars are frequent, ensuring that learning is a continuous process for residents of all ages.

Green Spaces

Pomona embraces nature. The city is generously speckled with parks, gardens, and green zones that provide residents a respite from the urban hustle. On weekends, one can spot families having picnics, fitness enthusiasts jogging, and children playing, painting a picture of community togetherness.

Not just a place for leisure, these green spaces play a vital role in the city's commitment to environmental sustainability. They act as the city's lungs, ensuring clean air and fostering a diverse urban ecosystem.

Furthermore, the city's initiatives to maintain and expand these spaces reflect its foresight. Efforts are underway to create more parks and recreational areas, ensuring that as Pomona grows, its bond with nature only deepens.

Economic Opportunities

Pomona is not just a great place to live but also to work. The city has seen significant economic growth over the past few years, drawing businesses and startups from various sectors.

The presence of educational institutions like Cal Poly Pomona ensures a steady stream of skilled graduates, making it an attractive location for businesses looking for talent. This synergy between education and business has led to the creation of numerous job opportunities.

And it's not just about jobs. The city's business-friendly policies, coupled with its demographic diversity, make it an ideal place for entrepreneurs. From tech startups to boutique cafes, Pomona's economic landscape is vibrant and promises growth for both businesses and individuals.

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Cons To Living in Pomona, CA

Traffic Woes

With growth comes certain challenges, and for Pomona, traffic stands out. As the city has developed and attracted more residents, its roads have become busier, leading to congestion, especially during peak hours.

The daily commute, especially for those working outside Pomona, can sometimes be tedious. While public transportation options exist, relying solely on them can be limiting.

City authorities are continuously working on infrastructural developments to ease traffic woes. However, as a resident, it's beneficial to be aware of peak traffic times and plan your travel accordingly.

Top Attractions in Living in Pomona, CA

Experience Fairplex

Fairplex in Pomona stands out for its legendary hosting of the L.A. County Fair, drawing in folks not just from nearby locales but from far-flung corners of Southern California. It's more than just an event venue – it's a fusion of historic significance, cultural vibrancy, and unbridled fun. Whether you're grooving to live tunes, challenging yourself at carnival games, hopping onto exhilarating rides, or tantalizing your taste buds with diverse foods, the Fairplex promises an unforgettable time for kids and adults alike.

What's more, this iconic spot is not limited to the fair. All round the year, it dons different avatars, be it as the stage for diverse trade expos or music gigs. Visitors can expect sprawling, immaculate grounds and abundant parking – no fuss, just pure entertainment.

Step Back in Time at the Historic Mission District

The Mission District is where Pomona hides its time capsule. A walk down these streets feels like a journey through time, courtesy of its impeccably conserved historic edifices and iconic landmarks. It's a treasure trove of architecture, with buildings echoing designs from the 1800s, a rare sight in today's urban sprawls.

But don't mistake it for just an old town block. This district pulses with artistic energy. It's dotted with contemporary galleries, state-of-the-art theaters, and buzzing studios. And for those keen to feel the city's art pulse, the monthly art walk is a must – an event that sees art enthusiasts flocking to enjoy Pomona's thriving artistic community.

Speed and Spectacle at the Auto Club Raceway

The Auto Club Raceway is Pomona's adrenaline hub. This vintage raceway, birthed in the 1950s, prides itself on being among America's pioneering drag racing venues. It's not just a track; it's a stage where high-velocity events like the NHRA Winternationals and NHRA Finals play out, drawing speed demons and spectators from all over the U.S.

Here, the heart-thumping engine sounds, riveting races, and the electric crowd energy blend into a heady mix of excitement. Even if high-speed races aren't your usual cup of tea, the aura here is contagiously thrilling. Plus, with top-tier safety measures in place, the raceway ensures everyone gets their dose of thrill in a secure setting.

In Pomona, every attraction paints a unique facet of the city, promising a myriad of experiences to those who choose to call it home or just swing by for a visit.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How's the schooling in Pomona compared to its neighboring cities?

Pomona has a commendable schooling system, with the crown jewel being Cal Poly Pomona. Families here get a buffet of choices from public to charter to private schools. Nearby places like Claremont have their gems, but Pomona holds its own with a mix of educational quality and variety.

2. What's the word on Pomona's artsy vibe?

Oh, Pomona's got quite the artsy heartbeat! The Historic Mission District alone is a canvas of cultural delight, adorned with galleries, performance spaces, and creative hubs. There's this monthly art stroll, which is a hit with everyone, showcasing the city's artistic talents. And let's not forget the legendary Fox Theater that always has something show-worthy up its sleeve.

3. Can I rely on public transport if I move to Pomona?

Absolutely! Pomona's got its transit game on point. Whether it's the Metrolink trains connecting you to SoCal's best spots or the local bus services cruising through the city, you're sorted. Plus, with major highways just a stone's throw away, getting in and out of Pomona is a breeze.

4. Are there any local festivals or events I should mark on my calendar?

You bet! The L.A. County Fair at the Fairplex is Pomona's pride and joy. Think of it as a grand carnival that has everything from munchies to music. But the fun doesn't stop there. There's the Classic Car Show, an art walk every month, and several other happenings that give Pomona its unique flavor.

Conclusion: What to Know About Living in Pomona

Pomona, in its essence, is a symphony, harmonizing the past's melodies with the future's rhythms. It promises an enriched living experience, balancing leisure with learning, history with modernity. As you contemplate life in Pomona, remember, it’s not just about residence; it’s about embracing a lifestyle.

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