Real Estate Leads - Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs Real Estate Leads

Real Estate Leads in Palm Springs for Agents, Teams & Brokers

Want Palm Springs real estate leads to grow your business? We have real estate leads for agents, teams and brokers in Palm Springs.

I’m Ty Fischer, a licensed California Realtor® and the Founder of the real estate lead generation companies California Deal Flow and Lead Unlock.

I own a network of local real estate websites that provide high-quality real estate leads, with two pricing options so you can decide what works best for you.

How to Get Real Estate Leads in Palm Springs

1) Free Referral Leads

Pay at Closing Real Estate Leads: We give you buyer and seller leads in the Palm Springs area at no cost up front, with a 50% referral fee on closed deals. We apply our proven conversion system to your leads, and you only pay on deals that close.

What You Get

  • High quality buyer and seller leads.
  • Leads are exclusive to you and not shared with others.
  • Easy-to-use CRM that helps you connect with more clients and close more deals.


  • Licensed real estate agent or broker in California.
  • Respond to leads quickly and professionally.
  • Follow instructions and rules for using our system.

2) Buy Real Estate Leads in Palm Springs

Pay-Per-Lead Real Estate Leads: Sign up for a free account on and browse a marketplace of local Palm Springs real estate leads. Real buyers and sellers generated from our local websites in the Palm Springs market. Purchase the ones you want and turn them into your next clients. No referral fees.